hai you can call me salem or leo
chinese 22 nonbinary queer infp-t
any pronouns she he they eng/chn ok!


likes harry potter, marvel, disney, tim burton films, studio ghibli

byf. inactive most of the time so i barely interact with anyone except close moots. multistan. i retweet more than i tweet (including nsfw content).


dnfi. under 15. basic dnfi criteria. invalidate neopronouns. support bi/pan lesbians. believe white/straight people can be oppressed.

faves .bts, yibo, xiao zhan, tom hiddleston, yuzuru hanyu, miyawaki sakura, mika hashizume


music. taylor, avril, demi, zayn, halsey, khalid, lil mariko, megan, melanie


dislkes. gore, bugs, fatshaming, crowds